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Why Your Small Business Needs a LinkedIn Company Page

June 18, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

17068507852_d6d79ae09b_oI often hear friends, family and business owners asking, “What’s the point of LinkedIn? Do I really need to use it?” My answer is that, for most businesses, it couldn’t hurt and can open many doors. In this post I am going to cover why specifically a Linked in Company Page can help your business.
LinkedIn is an important resource for promoting your business in the professional world. If you want your business to increase creditability, you need to create a LinkedIn company page (in addition to the personal profile you may already have). There are several advantages to using a company page over just a personal profile. First, SEO loves company profiles. This is a great place to use keywords to target an audience.
Not only does the company page give you credibility, it also gives you the opportunity for your employees to link together and list your company as their place of employment.
How to get engagement on a LinkedIn Company Page: 
Like Twitter, these pages allow people to follow your company. With a company page, you are able to run sponsored updates, which can feature your business-targeted ads. This is a fantastic way to get traffic coming to your company website, which you cannot do with just a personal profile.
Also, like other social networks, you can place a “follow” button on all your social profiles, blogs, websites, newsletters, email signatures, etc. Encourage your employees to do the same with their Twitter profiles and email signatures. Creating content to post on your page is also essential. Tie it to trending topics in your niche and articles others in your network would share to theirs.
Groups are a great way to get your page out there and connected with others. Target grups relaeant to your idustry and customers. You can search in LinkedIn for groups my keyword. Once you join, make sure to interact within that group and make a presence.
Companies that take advantage of this increase exposure, expand their network and create credibility. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are a couple of stellar company profiles for inspiration.
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