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Why Instagram is Awesome for B2B Marketing

shutterstock_289504658 (2)Many companies know that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are well established and great for B2B marketing. You know why it’s important to maintain a presence for your company online and have a strategy for social media. But even if you have those three social channels down, it’s important to stay up to date on the next big thing.
Instagram's constant growing popularity make it a great branding tool. It’s fun, visual, and hashtag centered. But, for many businesses, it’s seen as a waste of time, for teens only, or not important to the brand. While, this can be true in some cases, and Instagram is definitely not important for every company, it works wonders for some and shouldn’t be ignored in those B2B strategies.
If you are considering adding an Instagram account for your company there are many reasons to make it part of your B2B social media marketing strategy.

Why You should Include Instgram in your B2B marketing Strategy:

  1. The millions of users

IG has over 300 million active users every month. If you are thinking they are just teens or young adults- while this could be true, those people are still customers, future customers, and employees. Meet your audience where they are. Instagram has been around for over five years, so it isn’t just a new trend for teens, it’s a social hub for friends, families, and yes…brands.

  1. People Love Visuals

We are drawn to visuals, images, and stories. Instagram is a place where we tell stories about our day, big events, and moments in pictures. Use this opportunity to share the story of your company and your product or services. A plus is that with Instagram filters, you won't need a professional photographer to post.

  1. It builds connections

Since Instagram's captions don’t allow for active links, this isn’t the network to drive customers to your website. It’s the place to generate awareness and connections. The human nature of the network helps you to understand your audience and your customers to understand you. It keeps you in the audiences’ minds and helps gain their attention.

  1. It’s fun and creative

This is a place to get creative and use visuals. Instagram supports videos up to 15 seconds, so there’s also an opportunity to get creative with product demos, fun ads, or speak to your customers. It’s also a great place to show your company culture and who you are as people.
If you want to give your brand image a boost, Instagram for B2B might be the solution for you. With a well-thought-out brand strategy and a good understanding of what makes your brand unique and who your customers are, you can use Instagram to take your brand to a whole new level and find new customers.

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