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Why Content is Like Craft Beer

April 30, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

Craft beer from iTap. How beer is like content marketingIf there's a specific trend among millennials that has taken off in recent years, the one that we'd like to see stick around the most is the interest in craft beer culture. There's something new and exciting about trying a brewery's variation of a Saison, or exploring the world of high gravity beers, such as Founder's KBS. Look no further than your typical Instagram feed to see friends adding filters to the latest beer they're about to enjoy, or using apps like UnTappd to log what they're trying. It's proof that the label of "artisan" can be applied to just about anything in life, if there is a fine balance between high quality ingredients and passion used to make the end product. This combination is precisely what drives people to want to share something, because it feels special and unique to them.
When it comes to content marketing, the same philosophy holds true - your customers are more likely to interact and engage with you if you're making something you truly stand behind, a product or service that is specifically aimed at piquing their interest.
For a fun look at how beer production relates to content creation, check out this infographic below from Kapost. What style is best for your audience - a lager, IPA, porter, or stout?
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Why content is like craft beer infographic

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