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What's Trending in Modern Web Design?

March 12, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

When it comes to anything in life, the idea of "cool" will always be subjective. Maybe you really like those puffer vests that were popular a decade or so ago. Or perhaps you're really into houndstooth patterns. Hey, that was an awesome wallpaper for Windows 95, we totally get it. One thing is for certain: there will always be something new that's in the spotlight, whether it's actually a unique idea, or just an old one being rehashed. The former is especially true when it comes to web design. The look and aesthetic of sites is constantly changing as we strive to capture people's attention spans long enough to click our calls to action. As more ideas for designing a site and improving user experience emerge, older sites begin to look increasingly outdated.
With this in mind, what can you do to give your website more modern appeal? Below you'll find a list of several ideas that have been sprouting up and appearing in the mindsets of many modern developers. Whether you're a designer or a business owner looking at a potential website refresh or redesign, you'll want to consider using these!

Check out these popular web design trends:

 1. Hero Images
One of our personal favorites, a hero image in web design refers to having a home page where the first thing the user sees is a large background or banner spanning the screen. The background image is usually blurred somewhat, but to where the user can still clearly convey what the product or service is about. Hero images have become immensely popular, and will continue to be a design trend to consider for modern websites. Below you'll see an example of one we did recently for KNOWiNK.

2. Thin Line Icons
It's simple, clean, and efficient. Thin line icons have a flat UI design that work extremely well with vectors, allowing them to be re-sized perfectly without any worries. Many sites have started switching to this style, especially for things like social icons, as they provide an appealing minimalist look. Want to add your own? There's a plethora of free ones available, such as this list from InspiredMag.

3. Web animation
Button hover effects, stylized drop down menus...with JavaScript and CSS3, there are a ton of different subtle things you can add to your website that will make the user experience that much more interactive and engaging. These are becoming more commonplace in web design, and one trend that is really interesting is the use of background video animation.
UVM, a Czech web design company, has a great example of this. If images catch our eye for a brief moment, an entire background video can have a stronger captivating effect, which is huge when you're trying to keep visitors on your site longer.


Keeping abreast of modern design trends is important for any web developer. One key skill we always look out for is the ability to be able to look at what's currently popular, and to build upon that with your projects. This way, you're staying ahead of the curve, rather than playing an eternal game of catch up.
What modern web design trends are you fond of?
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