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The Weekly Crest gets a new look for autumn

October 18, 2018 | Nikki Bisel

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When we launched The Weekly Crest in June 2017, we had a simple goal in mind: to share the latest marketing industry news and developments with our family of readers.

Shifting Tides

The marketing industry changes quickly; even for people whose lives are embedded in the very fabric of the marketing world, it can be difficult to stay on top of Google’s new Search algorithms, design trends in online customer experiences, content best practices, and social media trends.

So we set out to build a free newsletter that was designed to be a valuable resource to everyone — a way to keep long-time industry experts in the know about the latest marketing developments while also providing an educational tool to marketing novices just getting started with their careers.

Steadfast Course

Since June 2017, this goal has largely remained unchanged. We are as devoted to sharing our marketing knowledge as we’ve ever been.

But in the last year and a half, we’ve also learned quite a bit from you, as well. For instance, your feedback has shown us that you’re interested in what’s going on at success for our marketing partners.

New Horizon Ahead

The new Weekly Crest aims to blend our initial goal with the lessons you’ve taught us: we’re still going to share the latest marketing news on a weekly basis, and we’re also adding in several sections that will help you get to know the Seafoam team even better. We’ll discuss our personal thoughts and share our own unique insights that you can use to improve your own understanding of your brand’s marketing strategy and even your marketing career.

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The Weekly Crest is a recurring email resource that contains the latest marketing news, updates and trends as they pertain to your business.

Abstract graphic featuring blue waves with swirling patterns and foam, accompanied by the text "The Weekly Crest" in gray and teal font.
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