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Top 5 Apps for Community Managers

Stock your mobile with the top apps for community managers. Community Mangers, Copywriters, Social Media Managers…whatever the title, we handle a lot of communication, whether it’s blog content, photography, social engagement or video. This role requires handling communication at any time of day, anywhere you are. I’ve tweeted for a client while out on a run and edited a blog walking to meetings. You have to be able to handle content quickly, and apps for community managers can help you do this on the go.
The role of these content managers is changing everyday, and it’s vital to stay up-to- date on current trends. These tools will help you wear multiple hats and stay above the water as a community manager. We have gathered our favorite apps for community managers to help you survive the ever-changing digital world.
Organization is not only top priority; it’s life or death. Being disorganized as a community manager is like not knowing the map of a pool as a lifeguard (except for the whole literal life or death aspect). You cannot get lost or distracted among the chaos. Some of the most helpful apps for community managers are based around getting you organized. Here are a couple apps for community managers that can help you make the most of real-time social:
Hootsuite: This one is pretty obvious, but it’s a must-have and note-worthy. It’s the most popular social media management tool for good reason. You can execute campaigns across multiple channels and measure results. There are built-in analytics and scheduling. This can help organize your life so you can have all your social posts ready to go for the day or week, and get on with other work.
Sometimes you can’t always schedule posts ahead of time. Maybe you think of something great in the moment, or need to post something news-worthy in real time.

Repost: This app lets you repost others’ published photos. Simply download the app, sync your Instagram account with Repost, and begin reposting. This will help with engagement and to share relevant news on the fly.

Snapseed: This is a photo-editing app that allows you to perfect your photos quickly. There are many photo editor apps out there, but this is the favorite of many community managers as it is sleek, easy and lets you share your photos in email, Facebook, Twitter, and to your phone. This even offers red-eye reduction and image straightening.

Wordswag: Perfect for Instagram, this simple tool allows for on-the-go creation of word and type on images. This is a godsend for quick content.
Office and team communication plays a role in community management; as you need to be able to chat with your project manager, account coordinator, designer and other members of the team at any time. There are several chat apps out there that can get your team all on the same page.

Slack: Our digital marketing agency uses this platform to quickly touch base about projects or anything else. Since we all work remotely, this tool is a must for our team to connect. The handy part is, it works on your computer and mobile, so you can get messages wherever you are. The only downside to the app, is it’s a data sucker. Once you understand how to use this tool well, it’s intuitive and powerful. We have cut emails down by over half with this tool as it lets users send files, images, and emoticons (which we all know are super important :)).
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