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The Ultimate Guide of Inbound Marketing Tips

July 23, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Flow chart for Inbound marketing Seafoam Media St Louis
We enjoy information presented in checklists, guides, and other formats that are easily read. That's why we're happy to share the thoughts the folks over at ReferralCandy put together regarding ecommerce and inbound marketing. Their infographic may be ridiculously cute, but the advice is professional and worthwhile for marketers and business owners alike!
Essentially, it boils down to getting to know your customer while being passionate about the content you write. What do your customers want to read? How can you shape their emotions and thought process with information rich topics? Once you have the content, are you promoting it consistently to build a fan base?
Whether you're an inbound marketing novice, or a seasoned veteran, this guide has plenty of information that you may find useful. Take a look at the 24 step process, and then check out the infographic below:

24 Inbound Marketing Tips for More Successful Content Marketing

1. Build a strong relationship with your audience
2. Integrate it as part of a great user experience
3. Get to know your shoppers through social media
4. Decide what you want them to feel
5. Identify entertaining or helpful topics
6. Figure out interesting content that helps solve their problems
7. Don’t pump content, pump out passion
8. Get content creators invested in content creation
9. Start by guest posting
10. Include social proof
11. Write in a 2-step process (research, then write)
12. Write in your audience’s language
13. Try long-form writing
14. Use visuals with restraint (I’m not sure about this one)
15. Break down complex issues and visually demonstrate concepts with infographics
16. Find topics that can be promoted
17. Apply the 5 principles for content promotion (plan, segment, leverage, engage and automate)
18. Build a fan base
19. Perform email marketing
20. Observe the hierarchy of metrics
21. Automate a custom report with only specific metrics that you care about
22. Monitor dwell time
23. Just keep doing over and over
24. Rework content
24 Juicy Tips eCommerce Content Marketing Seafoam Media St Louis

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