What’s your seashore? | Part One | The Story Behind the Name

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When I was starting Seafoam, I knew why I wanted to start it, I knew how I wanted to start it, but I needed a company name. I must’ve gone through 50 different options. I’m still pretty convinced – even after having named my first child – that naming a company was maybe a little bit more difficult.

So I must’ve come up with 50 different options, and I would send them around to friends and family, and inevitably, at least one person had something negative to say about every different name option.

“Oh, this makes me think of this.” “You shouldn’t do that.” “There’s a company that’s kind of named like that.” — All different reasons for hating these ideas.

So, I had recently graduated college, and I was able to go on a trip to the beach with my now spouse; we’re sitting on the beach, and I’m trying to think of names, trying to think of names, and eventually she said to me, “Maybe you’re going about this the wrong way. Instead of trying to think of a cool name or a super-descriptive name” — none of which had been working for me with my prior 50 tries, she said, “Why don’t you think about how you want your clients to feel when they’re working with you.”

And I kind of looked out at the water, and I said, “Well, to be honest, if they felt anything like I feel right now, sitting on this beach, that would make me a very happy person.”

Thus, Seafoam Media was born.

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