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The Seafoam Team Digs Maplewood

May 29, 2019 | Liz Oeltjen

A bustling Taste of Maplewood festival with numerous people and vendor tents lining both sides of the street under a clear sky.

A crowd walks along Sutton Blvd. at Let Them Eat Art in MaplewoodWhere can you hear live music, taste food from over a dozen restaurants, and do it all while carrying around a hand-sized bucket of booze? Our very own Taste of Maplewood, of course!

Seafoam was excited to hang out at this year’s Taste of Maplewood, which took place last weekend. We gathered at our office, opened our doors to the public, and enjoyed the great food and even better energy that this annual festival has to offer.  

Taste of Maplewood Gets Better Every Year

This humble little street fair has come a long way from the days of fast food offerings in Sunnen’s Banquet Hall, some 30-odd years ago. Now, restaurants and retailers offer great food, creative cocktails, t-shirts – even a back-walking massage if you’re up for it – all along Sutton Boulevard. Here are a few of our favorites from this year’s event:An artist shows off their work at Maplewoods Let Them Eat Art

  • Bolyard’s, our friendly neighborhood butcher, earned “Best Savory Dish” with their tallow-fried chicken wings with sweet and spicy chili glaze.
  • Sole Shine offered a 10-minute barefoot massage for only $10!
  • The empanadas and “Sangrita” at the Maya Cafe were award-winningly yummy, as usual.  
  • Blue Duck offered some of our favorites of the festival: elote, a pisco cocktail, and a macaron that tasted like a boozy chocolate Moonpie.
  • The wine shop that recently opened on Manchester, Chateau Maplewood, didn’t disappoint. Their fizzy red wine in a can was this writer’s favorite drink of the night.
  • Crow’s Nest was out there being Crow’s Nest with street tacos and their famous “Rum Dumpster.”
  • Of course Strange Donuts was there, offering up reliable deliciousness in the form of decadent dough circles. Other businesses offered pies, ice cream and waffles, and vegan desserts that were uh-mazing, too!

We’re a Chummy Group

About once a quarter, we at Seafoam gather in the office to spend time with our team members and families. We’re not shy about our love for the Maplewood community. We create something epic for “Let Them Eat Art” every year. We keep an eye on opening restaurants. We get to know our neighbors, present to the Chamber of Commerce, and offer the community a little marketing help whenever we can.

Top 10 Things Seafoam Loves about Working in Maplewood

  • The street festivals! “Taste of Maplewood,” “Let Them Eat Art,” and the annual “Christmas Tree Walk” are some of our favorites.
  • Meetings are paused briefly whenever a cute dog walks past the window.
  • Strange Donuts. Duh.
  • Between Living Room, Foundation Grounds, and Great Harvest Bread Co., we’re in coffee paradise. Some say “teamwork makes the dream work,” but we’re convinced it’s actually coffee.
  • You haven’t really had hummus until you’ve eaten at The Benevolent King.
  • Maplewood is an extremely walkable ‘hood. We love seeing our neighbors with strollers peek into our office windows.
  • When we need a break, there’s a park just down the street. One quick walk-around clears your head and boosts your energy for the next big project.
  • That dreamy, rock-n-roll greaser bartender on the lunch shift at The Crow’s Nest. There are a couple of us in the office who are always down for a lunch break.
  • The plethora of culturally-diverse lunch choices. Thai? Mexican? Creole? We can take our pick. You jealous?
  • We get to visit and work with The Focal Point, a folk music listening room that’s been around since 1975!

At Seafoam we’re proud to be part of this thriving Saint Louis neighborhood. If you’re grabbing a drink at the Dubliner one day or heading to yoga class, stop in at our office on Sutton. We’d love to meet you.

A bustling Taste of Maplewood festival with numerous people and vendor tents lining both sides of the street under a clear sky.
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