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St. Louis SEO: Why We Follow the 2 Pizza Rule

Two thin crust pizzas and how they relate to St. Louis SEO
Are two heads better than one? How about a hundred? A thousand? Most would think yes, having extra brains to tackle a problem will get things done faster! That is, unless you ask Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.
Bezos is known for being an opponent of "groupthink", which is the idea that when too many people get together to discuss a topic, they lose their ability to express independent opinions (and instead focus on agreeing with one another). To combat this, he famously came up with the concept of the "2 Pizza Rule", which states that if a team couldn't be fed with two pizzas, that team was too big.

So what does pizza have to do with SEO?

Here at Seafoam Media, we're pizza lovers (provel included!) but also firm believers that having a compact and dedicated team will give your small business the best results. If you've ever seen an episode of Hell's Kitchen, the reality cooking show hosted by outspoken chef Gordon Ramsey, you'll know that things get chaotic when there are too many chefs working in the kitchen at once. This is because as the number of people increases, it becomes more difficult to keep everyone coordinated and on the same page. As a result, errors happen more frequently, delays can emerge, and it ultimately takes longer for projects to get completed.
Brook's Law describes this situation perfectly: each team member exponentially increases the number of communication channels between the team. These channels need to stay in sync for the duration of the project, which takes more time for the project to be completed. The following formula illustrates the importance of having a small team:
St. Louis SEO using Brook's Law formula
In other words:

  • A team of 5 people has 10 connection points to manage.
  • A team of 10 people has 45 connection points to manage.
  • A team of 50 people has 1,225 connection points to manage.

By applying the logic of the 2 pizza rule, we're able to provide what our bigger competitors can't: transparency. That is, every member of the team knows what every other member is working on at all times.
The end result? Much faster support and turn around time for projects of all sizes, including internet marketing, SEO, and web design! Whether you're specifically looking for a St. Louis SEO company, or just someone who can work efficiently with your small business, we understand what's important to your success.
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