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Going, Going, Gone: Social Media and FOMO

The fear of missing out (or FOMO) can drive us crazy and make us technology obsessed! But it can also be an amazing motivational tool. Maybe you will be inspired by seeing your friend run a 5k to get those running shoes out, or that jealousy of your coworker's beach trip will get you planning your own getaway! FOMO only stinks when it starts to affect your life in a negative way. However, it can also make you get off the couch, inspire you to achieve your goals, and get going. And for marketers, a sense of urgency is an incredible tool.

To correctly use FOMO in your online marketing, you should understand how to use the concept on each social media channel. You'll want to understand what each channel is for, why your audience is using it, and who they are. To shine, you need to create compelling content that caters towards your demographics.

While FOMO can generate some debate about marketing and ethics, we think a smart marketer can use it in an honest, yet profitable, way for their business or clients. The below infographic will help you understand how creating a sense of urgency for your product or service can really work for your social media strategy in this day of instant gratification.

How to Use FOMO in Social Media Marketing:

Are you placing an emphasis on FOMO in your online marketing? Using the tips in this infographic can help you capitalize on today's social media culture. To capture the attention of this generation of digital natives, brands need to put themselves in their consumer’s shoes and connect with them through engaging experiences that create a sense of FOMO.

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