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Scalpel, Please! The Anatomy of Content Marketing ROI

September 18, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Anatomy of content marketing Seafoam Media blog
It feels like a topic we discuss quite often here, but let's be honest: content marketing is the fuel that keeps the fire blazing for a company's success! Does your company have a team dedicated to it? It may surprise you, but many businesses, small and large, are still lacking when it comes to content marketing. These companies are often comprised of one or more of the following people:

1. The owner or manager who is too busy

[box color="gray"]Owning a new business certainly isn't for those who value getting lots of rest. There's always something to do, and setting your priorities can be difficult. Unfortunately, many business owners are often so swamped with tasks they need to take care of, that they neglect any sort of content marketing efforts.[/box]

2. The executive who doesn't see the value

This person may be a coworker or a superior. They're the type who have always done things a certain way, and are hesitant to allocate time and money toward modern content marketing strategies. Ideas like social media, blogging, and managing reviews are foreign to them. They're more likely to think that marketing simply means putting out an ad.
If you work with someone who fits the criteria above, (or if you are a business owner yourself) it can be helpful to have resources that show your content marketing ROI. Fortunately, the people at Content+ have created a helpful infographic showing a big list of benefits that content marketing provides. You can see how they easily break down why customers prefer the more engaged experience that content marketing offers, compared to traditional advertising.
One of our personal favorite statistics from the infographic is the fact that a blog gives a company website 434% more indexed pages. Proof that producing consistent, high quality content will increase your visibility in search engines!
What are your favorite findings from this infographic? Was there anything missing you'd include to show content marketing ROI? Send us a comment on Facebook or a tweet to @SeafoamMedia with your thoughts!
Content marketing anatomy infographic Seafoam Media

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