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Painting a Picture: Visual Content Matters

August 28, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

Visual content is key n the world of social media. We all know that visual content is key to selling any product or service. Images are exceedingly powerful vehicles for engaging, reaching and converting prospects. It’s possible you can be leveraging this highly effective tool in your content marketing more.
6 Ways To Incorporate Visual Content Into Your Brand
Here are six creative ways you can start making your material more visually appealing.
1.Use Infographics
Who doesn’t like a good infographic? Surely you have seen at least one in the last week on social media. These images pull together information and display it in a visually appealing way. If you have a lot to say in one post, think about how you can flip it into a fun, story telling, informational graphic. And, they are extremely share-worthy.
2. Don’t Ignore The Meme
You may be thinking that memes are a little overdone and cliché, but they work. They are popular, often shared and loved by almost everyone for good reason. When you see a meme you can relate to or that makes you laugh, you want to share it with your friends. If you can leverage this for your business by creating your own funny or relating images, you’ll increase content engagement right away.
3. Get to know GIFs
Visual content comes in more formats than photo and video; what about the in-between? You can animate images and turn them into GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats), which is simply taking a series of images and bringing them to life. You can also use GIFs to display information in a more compelling way; they don’t always have to be humorous, if that isn’t your brand’s voice.
5. Quality over quantity
While you should try to use an image for almost every piece of social content, make sure they are of good quality. Don’t use a blurry photo or bad photo just to have an image with your post. Also, always make sure you have the rights to the photos you use.
6. Make Text Visual
Make your content and copy visually appealing as well. Think about how your audience would like to read information. Do they like narrative paragraphs, bullet points, bold text placed over images? Make sure you know your audience and appeal to them in a way they would enjoy.
These suggestions are just a handful of the many ways you can incorporate visual content into your marketing strategy.
What methods have you tried that have been successful?

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