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Inspirational Quotes That Changed Our Lives

Display Board "Life is like a camera" Quote Seafoam Media St LouisGreat books, blogs, family advice and quotes are are go-to sources of inspiration when we feel stuck or need encouragement to keep working on a challenging project. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration, motivation, or wise words to get you through a challenging day. So, we asked ourselves at Seafoam Media, “What is something you once read or heard that forever changed your way of thinking?”
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Quotes that forever changed our way of thinking:

Our fearless leader, and founder of Seafoam Media, Nikki Bisel
I try to live by this quote. To me, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow through on your responsibilities, it means you shouldn’t overthink and worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Do your best today. Live, dream, and enjoy.

"Yesterday doesn't exist. Tomorrow doesn't exist. Do everything you can today because that is, quite literally, all there is."

Our newest team member and Developer, Zachary Lawson
This quote by Steve Jobs is one that everyone can live by and one of my favorite inspirational phrases by far.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.

Project Manager, Erik Schwenke
The image above served as a nice source of inspiration to me. It had me jotting down my thoughts to where I ended up creating a variation of it, in my own words!

“If there's one thing I've learned from taking hundreds of MySpace selfies back during my college days, it's that no one is going to look perfect for every photo that ever gets taken of them. Practice makes perfect, and when it comes to our passions in life, we can find similarities to the camera — the more we work at optimizing our best features, the better we get at creating something that is sure to make great memories.”

Content Strategist, Erin Hindalong 
I overheard a woman say this quote once, and it has stuck with me ever since. Not only has it helped me have compassion and understanding for those in my personal life, but it also helps me daily with brand development and relating to consumers. It reminds me to make my intentions clear to others and try to understand the intentions of their actions.

"We judge others by their actions and ourselves on our intentions." 

Senior Developer Jennifer Gardiner
This is silly, but I was raised by a very uneducated poor farm woman (my grandmother), but she was truly the smartest woman! She used to tell me, "Live your dream, dream your life" She would tell me this when I would talk to her about my future and what I wanted to do. She would tell me to always do what makes me happy, and what gets me to my future goal, but don't stop there... keep going, make it bigger and keep living it. No matter what I did, she didn't judge.

She just said, "Live your Dream, Dream your life!"

Marketing Strategist, Liz Oeltjen
This story reminds me that everyone's perception is informed by their own reality and that there can be many truths in the same story. It helps me to constantly try to look at other points of view to better understand the world around me. And it helps me re-frame my perspective when I have a bad attitude. In short, we can complain because the rose bushes have thorns... or we can rejoice that the thorn bushes have roses.
The story of the blind men and the elephant:
Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day the villagers told them, "Hey, there is an elephant in the village today."They had no idea what an elephant is. They decided, "Even though we would not be able to see it, let us go and feel it anyway." All of them went where the elephant was.
Every one of them touched the elephant.
"Hey, the elephant is a pillar," said the first man who touched his leg."Oh, no! it is like a rope," said the second man who touched the tail.
"Oh, no! it is like a thick branch of a tree," said the third man who touched the trunk of the elephant. "It is like a big hand fan" said the fourth man who touched the ear of the elephant."It is like a huge wall," said the fifth man who touched the belly of the elephant."It is like a solid pipe," Said the sixth man who touched the tusk of the elephant.
They began to argue about the elephant and every one of them insisted that he was right. It looked like they were getting agitated. A wise man was passing by and he saw this. He stopped and asked them, "What is the matter?" They said, "We cannot agree to what the elephant is like." Each one of them told what he thought the elephant was like. The wise man calmly explained to them, "All of you are right. The reason every one of you is telling it differently because each one of you touched the different part of the elephant. So, actually, the elephant has all those features what you all said."
We hope these inspirational quotes that we hold dear to ourselves and bring to our work each and every day will inspire you too! Sometimes finding inspiration can change your entire outlook on life. This is also a fantastic article on ways to find inspiration if you are feeling stuck.
Share with us the one quote that forever changed your way of thinking!

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