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How to Make Your SEO Count in a Mobile World

Make your SEO count in a mobile world. Seafoam Media St Louis MOHow are you reading this article? Are you sitting at a computer? Are you killing time between meetings on your tablet? Maybe you are sitting at the DMV scrolling through your phone, although we hope not. There is no one way to access information anymore. Mobile is changing SEO and it’s important to consider that customers visiting your website may be relying heavily on their devices.
We find our restaurants on Yelp, get rides on Uber, and shop on Amazon; which we can access from apps on our phones. These apps cut out the SEO middleman and Google searches. While this is affecting SEO now, and will continue to change in the future, there are steps you can take to lead customers to your website, even if they don’t use a search engine.
How to Attract Customers in a Mobile Market:

  1. Optimize your site for mobile:

If your website takes too long to load or they cannot find the answers to their search queries quickly, they will likely leave your site for another. People are looking on their phones for information and want to get their needs met quickly and clearly. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile and customer friendly.
Mobile friendly is more important now than ever because Google checks to see if your site is mobile friendly and will penalize the site in search rankings if it is not. There are two main ways to make your site viewable on all devices, by using responsive code, and by building a mobile site.  Either way the site needs to be minimal to allow for fast loading times on a mobile network. Responsive code is acquired using bootstrap or media queries telling the site to act and appear differently at different screen resolutions.  Hiding areas of the website during pc view or mobile view is also possible using media queries. The strategy here is to make your site easy use friendly and clean on mobile as possible.

  1. Capitalize on Social Media

 One of the basic tenets of marketing is to reach the people where they are; be present! People are on social media on their phones all the time. Reach them there by updating your pages with interesting information that they will want to consume. Boost this effort by advertising on social media and lead consumers to your website. Facebook ads are a great way to catch someone on their mobile while they are just starting to garner awareness of your brand and get them to their site. This way you can reach the customer while they are at the ever important top of the buying funnel and direct them to your service or product before your competition even knows that they are in play.

  1. Optimize for local search

For some businesses, it is important to reach the consumers in your “neck of the woods” A pizza parlor wants to reach customers around the corner, not around the world. Optimizing your site for local search will not only help your digital presence but it will also boost awareness for folks searching on the go. This includes standardizing your name, address, and phone number and including your city and state name in your site's metadata. Have you ever asked Siri to find a pizza parlor near you? Chances are you were offered a range of places, all nearby. This would not be possible if businesses weren’t optimizing their Local SEO presence with mobile technology in mind.
4. Use Intuitive Keywords and Content
People search very differently on mobile devices than they do on their computer. Small screens, smaller keypads and voice technology have altered the way people search on mobile. Take the above example of pizza parlors (because who doesn’t love pizza?) When searching for a pizza joint on a computer one may type in pizza delivery in Chicago, or deep dish pizza in Kansas City. When searching for these same types of places people will search a little differently, like pizza places open late near Washington University. Optimizing your site for both types of searches with smart keywords and even smarter content will ensure that your business won’t miss out on any opportunities.
Whether or not people are only using apps, searching on their phones, or Googling on their computers, the goal is to get customers to your services. Seafoam is constantly looking at the future of SEO and tweaking our approach accordingly. It is important to stay on top of the market, as it's always changing. Seafoam can help guide you to your digital happy place.
How do you find products and services? Are you app exclusive or is Google your standard?

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