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How to Better Understand Your Customers with Social Media Tools

November 3, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

The world of e-commerce is incredibly competitive, and getting the attention of potential customers, and keeping the loyalty of current ones is challenging. Social media can help you expand your reach and better understand your customers.

This infographic from explains the three phases on how to better understand your customers:

  1. Examine Your Customers 

Who is your consumer and where are they online? You have to understand your customers interests and how they shop in order to reach them.

  1. Utilize Data

The data from your social media channels can help you understand your customers even more. Uss this information to gain a deeper understanding of their interests, shipping habits, and friends.

  1. Build Retention

To get a customer is one thing, but to retain a customer and turn them into a loyal buyer is an art. You can ensure customers are satisfied with brand loyalty programs and reward systems. Thank and award your customers for their devotion!
Brand Expansion through 3 Social Phases Infographic  Seafoam Media St Louis

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