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How Our St. Louis WordPress Developers Optimize Your Site

April 17, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Stopwatch ticking and losing time. Contact Seafoam Media to have our team of St. Louis WordPress developers keep your site running efficiently!
Here at Seafoam Media, we are St. Louis WordPress developers who help local businesses as well as small businesses across the country. It is our goal to get your customers to stay on your website as long as possible in order to make conversions that translate into future inquiries and potential sales. If your WordPress website is taking too long to load, your visitors may not be patient enough to wait and instead visit a competitor’s website, even if your business fits their needs better.
According to research from Nielsen Norman Group, website visitors only stay on a page for a minute, so having a fast load time is paramount to getting the results you want. Unfortunately, WordPress sites do not automatically have blazing fast load times. However, there are many strategies and techniques web design and development companies employ to get your site up to speed. In order to get you the fastest load time possible, our St. Louis WordPress developers at Seafoam Media implement several of the following strategies into the sites we build:
Installing a Caching Plugin
We have written before about the importance of installing a couple of good WordPress plugins, and when it comes to making your page faster, there are several great options. Caching is the temporary storage of content such as HTML pages, images, files, and web objects that improves the performance of the user’s computer and gives them faster access to your website. We implement several caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, GTmetrix, and WP Super Cache to give you optimized performance.
Keeping only the Plugins You Need
While having a good caching plugin is essential to increasing the speed of your WordPress site, having too many other plugins can decrease the speed. Sometimes WordPress users will install a plugin, use it once, and forget about it. These plugins build up over time and cause your website to perform slower. By keeping track of what analytics, social sharing, and SEO plugins you have installed, you can achieve faster load times.
Compressing Images
The Internet is a visual medium and everyone loves having large, beautiful image files hosted on their website. Unfortunately, having too many images on your homepage will force it to load more slowly. Before we post images to your site, we make sure that they are compressed by using plugins and software that optimizes the images and reduces the amount of bytes they have without reducing the overall quality of them.
Deleting Post Revisions, Comments, Tags, and Pingbacks
Just like having too many plugins can slow down the performance of your WordPress site, having too many revisions, comments, unused tags, and pingbacks can slow it down as well. We install lines of code to help disable these annoyances so they do not begin to add up in the first place.
Is your site not running as optimally as it should? Contact us and see how our team of St. Louis WordPress developers can help you out!

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