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How Logos Affect the Consumer Decision Making Process

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Can the consumer decision making process be affected when our brain processes the image of a brand's logo? Take a look at the 50 most iconic brand logos of all time. Chances are, you recognized each and every one, and when you glanced at them, something quickly triggered up in your head. The sensation you felt was an emotional response, which connects brands to certain memories of yours! For example, seeing the red bullseye associated with Target could make you think about warm, comfy sweaters, and how you can't wait to get another one next time you go out shopping. What's even more amazing is that this all happens in the blink of an eye...literally! An eye blinks at the speed of about 400 milliseconds, which is the same amount of time it takes for your brain to process all the information associated with recognizing a brand logo.
We may not consciously recognize it, but logos do affect the consumer decision making process in a deeper way than we previously thought. After all, we're more likely to buy from known, trusted brands, and seeing a logo we're familiar with lights up multiple parts of our brain at once. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, this is a crucial detail to keep in mind: if your logo isn't simple, well designed, and/or memorable, your customers are going to have a much harder time recognizing you and associating your brand with certain feelings.
So what's happening when these areas are activated in our cranium? Below you'll find an infographic from LogoMaker, which dives into the fascinating process that occurs when your brain spots a logo.

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