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More Than Just a Fresh Coat of Paint

Established in 2003 by Nick LoGrasso and Art Snarzyk, SNL Painting, Inc. embarked on a mission to transform the painting contractor industry through unmatched professionalism, outstanding workmanship, and top-tier customer service, all complemented by a hint of sophistication.

By 2012, Nick became the sole owner of this St. Louis-originated enterprise, taking over full ownership from Snarzyk. He remains steadfast in his dedication to raising the benchmark in the field, selectively choosing the finest and most meticulous painters from St. Louis to preserve the company's core values.

Logo of snl painting inc., featuring a large red paintbrush underlining the text. the logo commemorates the 20th anniversary with "20 years anniversary est. 2003" highlighted.
A series of stylized white icons representing various building types on a blue background, including a house, skyscraper, and church, among others.

The Challenge 

By offering both interior and exterior home painting services, seasonality weighs heavily on SNL Painting’s calendar during the winter months. Identifying opportunities to keep business flowing during their traditionally slower season has been a primary focus since 2022. While they had been running a frugal, but positive Google PPC campaign, competing with larger companies that have larger budgets, left our reach and impression share relatively limited. How best can we position ourselves in the market (given how expensive it is)? What revenue channels, outside of the paid space, are available to us?

In the infancy stages of our campaign efforts, we had a 1 page website, $250/mo fledgling PPC campaign, and zero email marketing strategies/technology.
The image shows a split-screen comparison of two website designs titled "before" and "after." the "before" side features an outdated, cluttered interface, while the "after" side shows a modern, clean website redesign.

The Approach & Solution 

The team began by prioritizing and representing the service verticals in a more robust, SEO friendly fashion. Generating dedicated landing pages that communicate the value of what we do and connecting them to the users search query was paramount to improving the health, authority, User Experience, crawlability and overall efficacy of the website.

Through this exercise, the website infrastructure and overall design needed to be revisited to account for our newly defined sales funnels and robust content strategy. A website redesign afforded the SNL Painting team the opportunity to refine their current resources and sales collateral, refocusing the team on unified goals and new aspirations.
If the paid space is going to be crowded and expensive to dabble in, what opportunities lay before us with the estimates and projects we already have in our CRM? Our team strategized a multi-month long-term nurture sequence, via email. With access to the database, our team curated a drip campaign following up on previously estimated projects, prioritizing interior projects in an effort to book our calendars during Winter. Segmenting by these variables:

  • Project Type
  • Date of Estimation
  • Location (zip codes - prioritized by affluence of municipality)
  • Project Bid Amount
  • First name, last name
  • By leveraging automation technology, dynamic content capabilities and SNL Paintings CRM, our team was able to develop an intelligent, automated system that aided in recovering lost projects and opportunities. Since running this exercise, the team has come to rely on it as a necessary part of their seasonality, year in and out. We continue to refine our segmentations and content, aiding in a scalable and efficient solution to an ongoing and cyclical problem.

    Google PPC Performance 

    This automation strategy, combined with the website UX/Design overhaul and optimized Google PPC campaigns management drove these amazing results!
    CTR (Click Thru Rate) Improvement
    Decrease in CPC (Cost Per Click)
    Increase in Conversions
    Improvement in Cost Per Conversion

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