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Davis Lolszeski Law specializes in ERISA law, helping clients who have been denied employee benefits achieve resolution and experience peace of mind. They stand as a beacon of empowerment, relentlessly pursuing fairness, transparency, and the safeguarding of ERISA rights in every case they undertake.

Matt Davis and Adam Olszeski transformed their shared passion for employee benefits into a mission-driven endeavor. With a deep-seated commitment to justice and a comprehensive understanding of ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) law, they founded their own boutique firm to advocate for clients. Their mission is clear: to navigate the intricate landscape of claims, litigate unjust denials, and ensure employees receive benefits they're entitled to, all while holding insurance companies accountable to the letter of the law.

The Challenge 

In a landscape saturated with legal firms vying for attention, Matt and Adam faced a pressing challenge upon launching their new practice. With a commitment to advocating for employee benefits and challenging inappropriate denials, they recognized the need to differentiate their firm from the countless others in their field. The primary hurdle lay in developing a comprehensive brand identity from the ground up and creating a distinctive digital presence that not only showcased their extensive legal experience, but also communicated their unique approach to client representation.

Designing a captivating, user-friendly website and creating a unique, modern logo with complementary brand assets were imperative in forging a lasting impression that set them apart.
Davis Olszeski Brand Board

The Approach & Solution 

The Seafoam team tackled this challenge first by conducting a Brand Strategy Workshop.
This interactive session fostered collaboration between our team and the partners of Davis Olszeski, strategically posing questions relating to their business and area of specialization.

This allowed us to draw out the knowledge, ideas, and perspectives necessary for shaping and refining their brand identity. Moreover, it enabled the development of their brand's purpose, core values, positioning, intended audience, messaging, and storytelling framework. As a culmination of our efforts, we also designed a fresh and engaging website tailored to the needs of their audience.
D+O Stationery
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The Results 

Designed and built a brand new website
Developed the company’s brand core including their purpose, vision, mission, and core values.
Established the company’s differentiation and positioning strategy.
Identified key target audiences and developed audience personas
Crafted the company’s brand personality, attitudes, voice, and tone.
Defined the company’s core messaging strategy and storytelling framework.
Created a unique brand identity consisting of logos, colors, patterns, and typography system.

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