What’s your seashore? | Part Six | Brian takes us on a journey down the great Mississippi River.

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Video Transcript

You know what my seashore is? It’s the muddy Mississippi River. God, what a powerful body of water that is.

I like to sometimes sit back and think about just the number of boats that have sailed down it over the years. I mean, from Minneapolis to New Orleans with a stop over in St. Louis — you can’t beat something like that.

Sometimes I’ll sit back and I’ll just dream about rivers, but I always come back to the Mississippi.

Sure, the Amazon River is really popular. The Nile, that’s over in Egypt. But only the Mississippi River is right here. I get a little emotional thinking about it, because it’s just so nice watching the barges just sail down.

God, I love that river. That’s my seashore. Thank you.