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5 WordPress Guides to Check Out for SEO

August 19, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Wordpress guide Seafoam MediaWe recently stumbled across a post from web and graphic design site Noupe, where they shared a ton of articles relating to SEO and improving search traffic to your website. There is plenty of great content, but just one problem: sifting through all these articles takes a ton of time! How do you know which advice is timely and still relevant?
In our continuing efforts to make the SEO world a bit easier to understand, we've picked out a handful of articles with useful information that WordPress users of multiple skill levels can benefit from. Take a look at these five WordPress guides and see if you're following best practices when it comes to page speed, site security, content strategy, and overall search engine optimization.

Improving the page speed of your WordPress site:

This post from Vizion Interactive has some nice information on checking your code, and most importantly: your images! Image compression is what can make your site load in a flash, or at a snail's (or slug's!) pace.

Upping the security of your WordPress site:

This article points out a fact that many of our coworkers, parents, and even superiors fall victim to: having blatantly obvious usernames and passwords. It's become increasingly more common for sites to have data breaches because of this. To help secure things, you want make sure your login information can't easily be cracked, and that your data is continually backed up. There are a bunch of great tips in this article from WooThemes.

Understanding keywords and what affects search traffic:

We like this article from Econsultancy because it's nice, simple, and points out best practices when it comes to getting your WordPress page noticed.

A WordPress guide of what not to do:

For every tip and trick we learn about SEO, there's advice on what we shouldn't be doing. Fortunately, RazorSocial put together a list of the pitfalls you need to avoid, if you want to optimize your site as best as possible. One key takeaway they mention is creating content without any sort of SEO plugin. Having a tool such as SEO by Yoast will greatly improve your ability to avoid content mistakes.

Optimizing for Ecommerce:

This article from iThemes covers several ideas that we speak about often here on the blog. When you're trying to improve visitor click through rates on your site, it's important to be simple, efficient, and transparent about what you're offering.
Do you have any favorite articles or how-to pieces of information when it comes to WordPress guides? Send us a tweet or a Facebook comment with your favorites!

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