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4 Email Marketing Tips to Get Your Messages Opened

July 30, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

4 Email Marketing Tips to Get Your Messages Opened Seafoam Media St LouisWhether you are  looking to sell more products, a small business owner looking to expand your clientele, or freelancer selling your services, email is still a leading communication method. Consumers are receiving emails in rapid fire and to get the most out of every email your readers must first open your email. The more emails opened, the more sales you will make.

Use these email marketing tips to get your emails clicked on, opened, and seen:

1. Avoid Spamboxes

Ok, so I made up the term spamboxes , but I think we all know what they are. If your email goes in SPAM, it won't get opened, period. The first step to getting your emails opened is to avoid the spam robots. To determine whether your email's inbox- worthy, service providers looked at several factors:

  • Your email’s HTML code, subject line and email content.

  • The “reputation” of the email sender’s IP.

  • Included links in the email.

Basically, the more people that open your emails and the more that people click on the links within your email, the less likely your future emails will end up in the spambox.

2. Subject Line

Once your email has made it to the inbox, getting more clicks could be as simple as using the right subject line. This is just as important as a headline of a story - if it doesn't sound appealing, no one will read further. A straightforward approach would be to write your subject  line with exactly what the email is about. You can also go a catchy route with an interesting subject line to catch the reader's attention. Whatever route you take, you have to know your audience. Analyze your click reports to see what subject types get more opens.

3. Toss Inactive Subscribers

Inactive subscribers are people who have never responded to your emails. If you can, send them an email asking if they want to continue receiving emails from you. It’s a win for you either way, as you either gain a subscriber or get rid of one you never wanted in the first place. This will also help with your percentage of opened emails, as we discussed with spam boxes.

4. Timing

Send your emails when the data tells you to. There have been many studies on when people are most likely to open emails. Research your industry, niche and customer, and figure out when that is and stick to it (until it changes of course, as these things always do). Typically, Fridays are a no no for emails,  as well as weekends. We recommend avoiding Monday as well, as many people are bogged down and not in the mood to open a sales email. The middle of the week is your best bet, but we recommend researching about your audience specifically. Also remember that it might not be the same time zone for your customers as it is for you.

If your emails are going unnoticed, try these 4 email marketing tips. Do you have any tips for getting your emails opened? Share with us in the comments or to our  Facebook page!

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