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3 Fixes That Can Improve SEO in a Day

May 14, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

24 hour clock. 3 SEO fixes Seafoam Media blogEver been faced with making an important decision? You've probably been told to not think too hastily, or to "sleep on it". The thought is that a good night's sleep will give you time to dwell on your decision, and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning to choose the best possible outcome. However, a lot can happen as one day turns to another! The temperature outside could drop dramatically, you could have up to seven dreams, and your website's SEO could change - for better or for worse!
While you might not be able to change the weather or control your dreams, you can alter your SEO rankings, and wake up the next day to better results! Take a look at these three changes that can help make an impact for your website:

1. Minimize website errors and broken links

At the most basic level, Google wants users to be able to search for specific results, and then provide them with links to high quality websites in return. It makes sense that if your site is littered with random 404 errors or broken image links that you probably won't be ranking as well as you could be. For that reason, we recommend using Moz, RavenTools, or Google WebMaster Tools to help you detect and fix errors. Often, the most common issue is setting up 301 redirects to pages that don't exist anymore. Getting these resolved can make a big difference in your rankings!

2. Make your meta better

What's the point of meta descriptions if Google doesn't factor them into their ranking algorithm? It's simple: meta descriptions that are concise and optimized drive more users to check out your website, and a higher click through rate is going to give your site better overall search engine rankings. Knowing this, you want to write unique descriptions that are informative but also enticing. Look at some of your competitors — are their meta descriptions persuasive, or boring, keyword stuffed atrocities? You want to write yours in a way that convinces someone to learn more about what you have to offer.
Remember to keep length in mind: if your meta description is longer than 150-157 characters, it will get truncated and not all of it will be seen on Google.

3. Take a look at those title tags

They're one of the most important influencers of search engine rankings. The title tag tells Google what your page is about, which is why you want your best keyword or keywords in it. As a general rule of thumb, if your business is service or location centric, you'll want to include both your keyword and your location (such as city and state) to target users in your area. If possible, it's also good to include your company name in the title tag — this helps to give users more trust in knowing what they're about to be clicking through to.
Again, length is important: the title tag should be around 60 characters or less, on average, or it will get cut off!
Have you used these methods to boost your SEO and see results? What other strategies do you like to employ? Leave us a message on Facebook or tweet @SeafoamMedia with your thoughts!

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