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The Website Redesign Checklist

Website redesign checklist Seafoam MediaFor small businesses, a company website is often the primary tool for driving sales and converting visitors into future customers. To do so, it needs to be designed in such a way that clearly explains what the company does, and why their product or service is the ideal solution for a potential customer's needs. You may have designed the best product or idea for a service, but if users don't care to stick around on your website, they're not going to become your customers. In fact, you could be losing out to your competitors who have an inferior product, simply because they do a better job at communicating their core messaging!
When clients come to us with this problem, we often recommend designing a new website. We help by taking a look at their existing website and figuring out what's working and what's not working. In addition, we put together a brief website redesign checklist, featuring important marketing principles that should be focused on when building a new site. They are:

1. Keep your main content fun-sized

If you think of your content like a candy bar, then you'll know that you want to give your visitors a taste of what your company offers. That is, you want to intrigue them just enough to learn more about you, and click onto your actual product or service pages. Too often, home pages are cluttered with king-sized content, which people don't have the patience to read through anymore. Rather than do this, put your copy into bite sized pieces that can be easily read, without giving off the feeling of presenting a wall of text.

One recent client we did this for was The Social Affair. As you can see, the site is bright, clean, and simple, without presenting too much information. It gives the visitor just enough to want to know more about their catering services.

2. Present information in a variety of formats

Text. Images Video. Your website should consistently implement all three of these styles to present information. This is because potential customers all learn and absorb messages in certain ways. Some are drawn to large, high quality photos that convey the product or service you offer. Others want to read a beautifully written description of what it is you're all about. Lastly, some customers are more inclined to share your messaging if you present information in the form of a video.
Make sure to accommodate these preferred content formats by including text, images, and video in your website redesign checklist.

3. Make interaction easy

If you want your customer to take action, give them the opportunity! The placement and frequency of your calls to action should present a variety of ways to interact with you, the business. Thus, you can offer opportunities on each page to subscribe to your email list, to get a free consultation, a trial, and so forth.
In addition, your social media and other buttons should be large enough that your customer can easily engage with your brand if they want to. There's a recent case study we wrote about, where AMD experimented and found that having social buttons on their sidebar gave them the greatest interaction. Another thing to keep in mind is that a customer is only likely to stay on your page for 59 seconds or less, according to research from The Nielsen Norman Group! Knowing this, you want to offer plenty of opportunities to take action.

Finally, your website redesign checklist should include a strategy for guiding a user as to where they should go while on your site. To make a website optimized for conversions, you'll want to start by pointing them towards learning more about your company and the benefits your product or service offers. Then, steer them to a call to action, by making it apparent where they should go next. You can do this with arrows, organizing your navigation bar in a particular way, and also creating buttons that go to the next relevant page.

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