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Marketing And Timing

December 3, 2013 | Nikki Bisel

Marketing And Timing

Timing is everything. This statement is especially important when it comes to marketing. Proper timing can be the difference between a strong, successful campaign and one which fails to move the needle. If you're sending out promotions blindly and ignoring the importance of when and how the user consumers your message, you're missing out.

Time Of Day

Know when your demographic is most likely to see your message. If you're sending a social media marketing message during the workday, your target will probably consume your message through their computer. When it comes to email marketing, an email with bright, large images is probably your best bet if you're sending a message while most people are at work.
If you're sending out a marketing message at night, you should design your promotion so that it is easily viewed on mobile devices while your target audience relaxes at home or is on the go.

Time Of Week

Friday afternoon campaigns might work out extremely well for your company. However, Friday and Saturday night campaigns might not. Social media campaigns are usually more effective during the evenings and weekends while campaigns on Monday mornings are usually a recipe for disaster.

Time Of Year

Promotions around holidays are easy, but knowing when to roll your campaign out can be tricky. You don't want to jump the gun and be the first to talk about the holidays, but at the same time you don't want to miss out on a valuable opportunity to boost your company's sales. You should have a developed marketing strategy for the entire year so that you can make the most of each and every holiday.
Are your marketing efforts timed correctly? If not, contact Seafoam Media. We can create a plan which maximizes your potential return by using the time of day, week and year to your advantage.

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