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How Google Glass Could Help Your Business

Google Glass Prescriptions
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A few weeks ago, Google launched a more sleeker version of its Google Glass in a variety of shapes and colors. Simultaneously with the new launch, Google also started an explorers club for those interest in purchasing the new Google Glass and providing feedback on the functionality of their new invention.  I actually had the opportunity to purchase one but decided to pass after an hour of deliberation. However, it did present me with a host of ideas on how a business could utilize the Google Glass technology to provide a better experience for their customers.
One of the best features of Google Glass is the ability to view information quickly without having to look down at a screen or type into a computer. The screen that pops up in the glass, can offer valuable information at a fast rate and could be very usual to businesses. From customer information to finding if a item is still in stock, Google Glass could increase your productivity with it's visual screen.
Google Glass also has the ability to record a video of what the wearer sees. This could be a very useful for training purposes. For example, a supervisor could record a task being done properly and an employer could watch the video in real time. This could reduce a lot of mistakes and provide adequate services in many scenarios.
Finally, if your business delivers or visits customers in any way, Google Glass provides a live map or gps system to make you arrive at your destination on time. Viewing a map on your Google Glass screen is actually a lot safer than looking down at a GPS system on your phone or glancing at a map while you're driving. Police officers in New York are currently testing Google Glass to see how helpful they could be on routine patrol operations.
Although the technology is expensive and probably has a few more kinks to work out, the potential for Google Glass and how it could help your business is considerable and worth exploring in the near future.

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