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How Coffee Can Transform Your Social Media Marketing Plan

May 22, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

Coffee cup with Facebook like. Social media marketing plan tips.
Is your small business trying to find creative ways to grow online? While focusing on lead generation and website hits should continue to be on top of every business owner's mind, there's another forgotten area they should consider: social media. What many don't realize is that investing resources into a successful social media marketing plan will aid in driving traffic and building loyal customers!
To best stress how important it is, imagine social media is a cup of coffee. On the surface, it's a simple beverage that gets us going. But whether you're the type of person who takes your coffee black, or prefers cream and sugar, we can all agree that good coffee makes a difference. A truly fantastic cup of coffee has a complex flavor profile, thanks in part to how it's roasted, how it's blended, and where it's grown.
When it comes to a social media marketing plan, your strategy should be no different. Do you want to give your customers the quickest, cheapest coffee? Or do you want to be the local coffee shop that everyone goes to because it tastes delicious, and has better service than the big chains?

Brew your social media marketing plan:

Grow locally

The best organic coffee beans are grown in different parts of the world before they make it to your coffee machine. Their location is what makes them unique. Think of it this way: one major advantage small brands have over national brands is an authentic, local feel. They can post photos and share stories about things going on around their community, often much faster (and relevant) than a national brand.
Many customers who are from out of town, or new to town, will often prefer choosing an active local business!

Determine your blend

Not every business is going to benefit from being on every social platform. Your social media marketing plan should focus on the specific blend you want to achieve, without spreading yourself too thin. Small businesses need to efficiently source, schedule and monitor content. Your customers will expect you to be on Facebook, but what about Twitter? Pinterest? Google+?
Each has its own community, and you'll want to be able to dedicate time in cultivating all the networks you appear on. The key is consistency, and having posts within established time schedules, as well as time to respond to (or start) conversations of your own.

Get a barista

You have an idea of how you want to make your coffee. Now you're just trying to juggle the balance between making the coffee, serving it to your customers, and promoting your caffeinated cause across the city! The truth is that for a business owner, you simply don't have the resources to do everything at once, such as:

  • Crafting content
  • Figuring out when to post the content
  • Having reputation management in place to respond to customer reviews
  • Proactively joining communities

These tasks all take a significant amount of time. For this reason, it's a good idea to consider getting help with your social media marketing plan.
Whether you do it internally or work with another company (such as our team here at Seafoam Media) the best strategy for your success is to stay interested in your social media. Take photos, videos, and share customer interactions whenever possible. The more original content you can provide, the better your small business will be at building long lasting relationships with your customers.

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