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5 More Ways to Be More Productive

Have you heard the term ‘working smart’? Working hard and working smart are two different things.  We're here to help you understand what this means, and how to kick your productivity into gear by working smart in your work and personal life.
The key to success is not working more; it’s using your time wisely. Sometimes this means working less. Anyone can be busy, but is everyone productive? You need a few things to make your busyness count: time management, energy and help from others.
As the newest member of the team, I am so grateful to work with an incredible group of people here at Seafoam Media. We work remotely, which means we choose our environment for our most productive working style. We also choose when we work, which means I get to work at my most productive times (which are in the middle of the day...and late in the evening!). We get a lot done this way— what can I say? Working at 9 PM with some late night snacks and re-runs is when I do my best work.
Not too long ago, we had some tips on ways to make your home office more productive. Below you'll find 5 more pieces of wisdom you can use to make yourself more efficient!

Here are some of our favorite tips on productivity:

  1. Get more sleep! If you are tired, you are not working smart or hard. Staying up to finish that project will only hurt you and your team the next day. If your eyes are burning from the computer screen, it’s time to get some literal shut-eye.
  2. Work with your team.  Don’t try to do everything yourself, because that is setting yourself up for failure. When you fail, productivity drops, and so does your work quality. If you have a question or need some assistance on a project, reach out to a coworker. Most likely they are more than happy to lend a hand. It’s vital for us to understand that we can seek help when needed. Instead of wasting everyone’s time trying to figure something out yourself, let the experts help out.
  3. Chill out! Perfectionism and productivity is not the same thing; in fact they work against each other. Perfectionists spend a lot of time on one task and get hung up on minor details, while possibly missing the bigger picture. In Marketing, if you wait you might end up missing something. The moment is always now.
  4. Take a breather and walk away. It is essential to take a break from our work every now and then and clear our heads. Spend some time alone: go on a walk, go to the park, or just sit still . It is vital for our brain and spirit.
  5.  Get sucked in.  If you are working on something that requires a lot of focus, don’t be available to everyone or have your phone next to you. Turn off your devices and let yourself think.

Bonus tip: love your pets! Studies have shown that pets reduce stress and promote well-being. Employees who bring their pets to the office are happier and more productive. If you are lucky enough to have a pet, show him some love and you'll be happier checking off your to do list after.
Productivity isn’t something that happens in an instant. With our culture of everything at our fingertips and instant gratification, we have to realize some great accomplishments take time and effort. You cannot wait for productivity to happen though; you have to go for it now. These simple steps should help you in your work and personal life.
Do you have other tips for getting more productive while at work or in your life?  Share them with us by leaving a comment on Facebook or a tweet to @SeafoamMedia with your thoughts!

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