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The Alphabet of Content Marketing

February 19, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

Seafoam Media blogThink back to when you were a child. Did you grow up singing and reciting along to the alphabet song? If you were raised in just about any average household in America, there's a good chance. This tune has long since been a tradition for children, popping up in everything from school lessons, to toys, and television shows, all of which are dedicated to exposing young minds to the alphabet through repetition, building their memory and knowledge.
Now, flash forward to the present. As an adult in digital marketing, there's actually another alphabet you should get acquainted with! Unfortunately, the one we're about to show you doesn't come with a catchy jingle to help you remember. At least, no one has stepped up to write a tune yet! However, it does contain a wealth of knowledge related to an incredibly important topic for digital marketers: content marketing.
Content marketing has become the de facto buzzword in the industry, and more and more businesses are starting to see why it is so important for their success. On a basic level, they understand that they need it in some shape or form. What they don't see is that content marketing has many layers to it. To use another grade school analogy, if you think of content marketing like the layers of the Earth, far too many business owners believe content marketing is just the crust. They call it a day after writing a blog post and sharing it on social media, without ever bothering to see what lies beneath. In reality, truly effective content marketing goes much deeper than that, taking into consideration things like testing, eye catching headlines, and building targeted landing pages.
To get a feel for the many layers that make up content marketing, the folks at Instapage have whipped up a checklist using the entire alphabet. Best of all, it is in a convenient infographic format! Take a look below and familiarize yourself with all of these elements. Is your business focusing on these when doing content marketing? If not, you may want to head back to the classroom, so to speak, and brush up on your ABC's!

Was there anything else you'd add to this alphabet?
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