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5 Content Marketing Ideas That Grab Attention

A cat with raised ears, paying close attention. In this post, we cover 5 content marketing ideas that will grab attention!What type of content does your audience resonate with? It's important to know the best way to engage, because the demographics of your business could span a variety of potential customers. There isn't one ultimate content marketing format that will outshine the others in every situation. You need to tailor the type of your content to those you're trying to reach! For example, a younger audience will prefer getting their information in a different way than an older audience. They may be more apt to seeing video, whereas an older customer might prefer a more traditional medium, such as a news article or book.
If your business is looking for an alternative way to grab eyeballs and ears, check out these recommendations!

Try these non-traditional content marketing ideas for your business:

1. E-books
An E-book is a great way to build initial business relationships and trust. Essentially, you're creating a digital book in the form of a PDF file, which your customers or readers can download. Many marketers write E-books and then offer them on their websites in exchange for signing up for an e-mail list.
When writing an E-book, just make sure you have a great topic that can be expanded upon. While there is no standard length for an E-book, it should be long enough to sufficiently tell its story or provide the information needed.
2. Podcasts
A weekly, monthly, or even semi-monthly podcast series is a great way to creatively engage your audience. Similar to an E-book, you provide a resource of useful information, only in a more easily digestible format. The beauty of podcasts is their convenience—your readers can easily download and listen to them on the train, at the gym, while driving, and more.
If you have something passionate to talk about (or enjoy inviting guests who speak on the topic you choose) you may want to consider a podcast series.
3. Video
Plenty of companies utilize video. But are they doing it creatively? We're not talking about merely uploading your commercials to Youtube! With video, you have a chance to showcase your company's story in a unique and potentially non-traditional way. Keep this in mind, and play upon your audience's emotions with the right music and engaging storytelling. It's up to you to decide if you want to be fun, thought provoking, or simply different.
4. Case Studies
Need to build reputation as a leader in your field? A case study is an excellent option to consider. With a case study, you're providing long-form content that is data driven. In other words, solid facts and information as to why your product or service is helpful for the audience you're trying to reach. Effective case studies can be an incredible asset to help attract press attention, as well as generating traffic from social media and other websites.
5. Infographics
One of the most popular ways to capture your audience's attention these days is with an infographic. You're able to provide detailed information, similar to a case study, but in a graphic driven format that appeals to the eyes. Infographics are one of the most shared content marketing ideas around, and can quickly garner lots of social media activity and potential new customers to your business.
After you've created an infographic, you can also reach out to major websites that cover news or information related to the industry your business is in. If they choose to publish or share your infographic, you'll get even more attention.
What content marketing ideas are you fond of? Have you had any success with these? Tweet us with your thoughts!

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