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The 3 Best SEO Strategies for Link Building

May 8, 2014 | Nikki Bisel

A skyscraper with the title 3 Best SEO Strategies for Link BuildingWould you believe us if we told you that some of the best SEO strategies you can get on the internet come from a guy in the Philippines who used to be a pro gamer? Jason Acidre, better known by his nickname Kaiser the Sageonce competed in national level tournament for the first person shooter game CounterStrike. To play at that high of a level, you need incredibly fast reaction times and awareness to outsmart your enemies. It's no surprise Jason was able to transition over into developing SEO strategies—to beat your competition in the world of search, you also need to be able to act fast and think creatively! After participating in a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything"), we discovered some of his best practices when it comes to building links and driving traffic to your site.

The Top 3 SEO Strategies for Link Building:

1. Find where your customers are having conversations

Is your content getting promoted properly? If not, consider monitoring discussions from the web that pertain to the product that your business is selling . This can be done by continuously tracking forum threads, Q&As, blog discussions, and so forth. Your goal should be to find the places where people ask questions pertaining to your line of business. You can also search for discussions that are already ranking on search results, and be able to contribute on these threads, since they'll most-likely show up when your target customers start researching the product or service they need. A potential customer is more likely to click a link and visit your site after you've established some level of trust. (in essence, you showing your willingness to help answer a question of theirs).

2. Create more top of the funnel content

If you think of the sales process as a funnel, you first need to cast a wide net to get the most awareness about your product or service possible. Once you've attracted a potential customer, then you can make your pitch.
Top of the funnel content refers to general content that might interest a wide variety of people, such as lists, how-to sections, and sharing curated content on your social media pages or blog. In comparison, bottom of the funnel content is when you offer a discount, a trial, or a consultation to get your customer to make a commitment. Your goal in this process should be not only for links, but also to establish rankings for long tail keywords that may eventually help capture more leads. It's important to remember that a large majority of online traffic these days comes from smartphones, so make sure your content is just as readable with a high quality mobile website!

3. Use the skyscraper technique

The concept of the skyscraper technique is simple. Having the office on the top floor of the company building is seen as prestigious, wouldn't you agree? In the world of search, it is no different—people are naturally going to gravitate toward the top search results and the best content. Using tools such as Open Site Explorer from Moz, you can analyze your competitor's top performing pages, and then build your own content that improves upon it. Whether you're adding additional resources, giving a fresh creative spin, or simply updating advice to make it current, utilizing this technique can be a great asset to find out what topics your competitors are ranking well for.
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