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Slack Just Got Way Better

January 29, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

Have you been slacking at work? Of course, we're not talking about putting off those TPS reports! We're referring to Slack, the workplace communication tool that lets you easily chat and instant message as a group or privately with your coworkers.
Here at Seafoam headquarters, we're pretty big proponents of Slack, and it shows. It's rare to see a day go by without hearing the familiar "ding" the mobile app makes when it signals that someone has gotten a new message. This tool has been incredibly useful for us, and best of all: it's free!
To make things even better, Slack recently announced that it has acquired ScreenHero, which is a separate service that offers screen sharing capabilities for teams. According to an article on Mashable, their plan is to incorporate and improve the features of ScreenHero into Slack, which will include:

  • Voice chat
  • Faster screen sharing between individuals
  • The ability to have multiple mouse cursors that can interact with various applications

In the words of Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of Slack,

...Everything will survive and thrive, just immersed in Slack. Slack integrates with hundreds of other services, but there are some core features that work best when built directly into the platform.

We're excited to see these features implemented. How about you? Do you use Slack, or does your workplace have a preferred communication method? Send us a message on Facebook or tweet us with your thoughts!

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