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The State of Modern Digital Marketing

Are you pushing forward with an action plan when it comes to digital marketing for your small business? Or, do you feel as if you've got some catching up to do? One thing that we always like to keep tabs on is what everyone else is doing—that is, our competitors as well as the industry as a whole. Your customers could be solely in the Midwestern town you call home, or scattered across the world, but one thing remains the same: the sheer number of people accessing the internet is growing larger on a daily basis, especially on portable devices. These are people from all sorts of demographics, from millennials, to baby boomers, the elderly, and more.
Not surprisingly, as smartphone and tablet use increases, so does the number of people making purchases from those devices. And among computers, smartphones, and tablets, iPads lead the way when it comes to small business conversion rates. To give you a better idea of how important this is, we found an infographic from SmartInsights and TFM&A that shares some insightful data on how digital marketing has been evolving as of late.
Some of the findings from the infographic we thought were most interesting were:

  • About 50% of businesses are doing some form of digital marketing, but without a clear strategy outlined!
  • 43% of businesses feel they aren't spending enough time and energy when it comes to paid search and Google Ads.
  • Tablets like iPads and Kindle Fires are seeing a huge rise when it comes to driving mobile purchases and sign ups.

Take a look below and see what you think!

State of Modern Digital Marketing 2015 infographic. Seafoam Media blog

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