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I Got 99 Problems But The Conversion Ain't One

August 6, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

Awareness-Interest-Conversion equals Revenue Funnel Graphic Seafoam Media St LouisIf you re having conversion rate problems, I feel bad for you a ton. I got ninety-nine problems but the conversion ain't one!  ♪
People build websites for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it is because they need a way to create awareness for their brand. Others need a vehicle to drive sales. There are some sites that exist to sell people on their level of expertise and service while others promote a brand new idea. From apple orchards to zoologists, and all points in between, the web has become an invaluable tool for countless businesses; each looking to maximize their traffic to their specific site. Traffic, in and of itself, isn't enough to warrant the effort of a quality site. If your traffic is not converting then it may be pretty worthless. In the modern age of the internet, websites are not meant to act as billboards or placeholders. They are dynamic tools that can generate new customers and drive revenue, but only if they are optimized to convert.

How To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Create Your Sales Funnel

The first step to boosting your conversion rate is fairly simple to verbalize, but often harder to put into practice. Step one is to take a good look at your sales funnel and then build a page around it. Do you have an expensive product or service? Is your concept somewhat difficult to explain in simple terms? Or perhaps you offer a risk free trial or money back guarantee. Either way, it is important to understand what brought your customer to the page and contrast it to what you need the consumer to do; then build a page that combines these two needs.
For example, if you are a divorce attorney, chances are you want a visitor to your site to fill out a contact form. In contrast, a visitor to your site is going through an emotionally fraught time and probably needs to feel secure in your expertise. They probably won't just pick the first site they see, and may investigate a number of attorney sites. How do you set yourself apart and land that conversion? If you have an good understanding of your sales funnel you will seamlessly guide the visitor from awareness of your practice, to interest in learning more and finally to the conversion, or in this case a contact form. You can do this by building a page that highlights your experience, builds trust in your service and offers a risk free consultation to alleviate any monetary fears. In taken a second to understand your customers needs you have boosted your conversion rate.

Keep It Simple & Be Clear

It is easy to want to dump a TON of information on each page. After all, you want your customer to know just how awesome your product and service is. You want to tell the world every last detail about your process so they know that they are making the right choice. You want to alleviate every reservation they may have with a full dissertation on your brand... and you will lose the conversion. With a clear and concise value proposition you will land more conversions than if you put every thought on to paper. Put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask these questions, "What's in it for me?" and "Why should I choose this company over any other?" Then try to answer those questions as simply and succinctly as possible.
The internet is a busy place. You have a limited amount of time to make your pitch and land your sale, don't waste it by making your potential customers jump through hoops to get what they need. If you can answer those two questions better than your competition you will boost your conversion rate and see revenue soar. When you answer these questions, make it easy for your customer to complete the conversion with simple forms with minimal fields and/or easy checkout processes. Simple and streamlined will garner far more conversions than random, but slow to load bells and whistles.

Test, Test and Then Test Some More

A common mistake that companies make is to assume that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. The internet is a vibrant, dynamic and ever changing place and websites must evolve to meet the changing needs of the consumer. The best way to ensure that your message is being heard is through A/B testing of your pages. Creating similar pages with slightly different headlines, text, imagery and layout can give you a good understanding of what appeals to your visitors, and what doesn't. There is no magic wand to ensure great conversion rates, but strong A/B testing can come close.

Build Trust

Needless to say, there are a more than a few sites on the world wide web and not all of them are as scrupulous as you are. Chances are a visitor to your site has been burned by false promises or a shady site that has left a bad taste in their mouth or an overflowing spam filter. One of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rate is to showcase your satisfied customers and highlight your trustworthiness. The bigger commitment (monetarily or otherwise) your product requires, the more important this is to providing legitimacy to your brand. Customer testimonials, video demonstrations, no risk trials and money back guarantees (when used in tandem with clear and concise value propositions) can alleviate many customer fears and help lead to higher conversion rates.
All of these tips can be summarized in one easy sentence. In order to boost conversion rates on your website you must have a clear understanding of what motivates your customer from general awareness to final sale, and maximize your page accordingly. It is easy to say, but sometimes harder to put into practice. If you aren't sure where to begin, Seafoam Media is happy to help. We dig demographics, rock at customer retention and outshine at optimization. What can we say?  If you are having conversion rate problems, I feel bad for you a ton. I got ninety-nine problems but the conversion ain't one!

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