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How influential is Color? What Your Logo Color Says About You

Colors change our experiences; they add to our senses; they make us feel certain ways. There are many factors that affect our  preferences for colors, including our tastes, experiences and upbringing. Think about your company's logo color. What color fits the mood? If you are a Yoga studio and want to make people feel at ease and calm, don’t make your logo bright red. How many times have you seen a spa with orange or red lettering outside? Does it make you want to go in?  Your color must fit your branding and messaging.
Psychologists have studied how we are affected by colors for years and found a strong correlation between colors and emotion. This drives home the point that choosing the right color is crucial in how your brand is viewed. When choosing the colors that will represent your brand, you want to imagine how your customers will feel about your company.
Take a look at the info graphic below, created by Colourfast, to  test your logo color. Is it conveying the right message?

Colors in Logo Design 

So, does your company's logo need a makeover? Share the colors your business uses and why you chose them on Facebook or tweet us your favorite company logo @SeafoamMedia!

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