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3 Tips to Design a Great Logo

DesignOnline marketing can drive people to your website but having a great logo can capture and bring alive your business in a way that nothing else can. If you are looking for a new design or want to redesign your old one, here's 3 tips on designing a great logo.
Don't design it yourself
Logos should be original and unique. Trying to design the logo yourself may not be a good idea if you have no experience with marketing, branding or design.  A cookie cutter logo runs the risk of making your business looking like an amateur in a sea of professionals. An unprofessional logo could tell potential customers that your business is not to be taken seriously and could also cheapen your brand. Therefore, it's probably best to get a professional to design your logo.
Don't follow trends 
When it comes down to designing a logo or choosing a logo from a few options, its best not to follow trends. If other companies are pairing down their logos or using a new glossy font, it might be to your advantage to go the opposite way. The goal is to accurately promote and capture your brand not follow a trend.
Don't over complicate things
Finally, don't over complicate things. In her recent article about the 6 common mistakes in logo design, Kerry Butters points out that, "It’s tempting sometimes to create something that really shows off your skills, but get too complex and your clever design can fall flat." Simplicity is key. You want the customer to be able to understand your logo and your company right way. Also, sometimes the more memorable logos are the simplest ones. Try to strip down your logo to the bare essentials and see what you can come up with.

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