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These Social Media Facts Will Surprise You

Hand touching the word "Like". Social media facts Seafoam Media St LouisHow well do you know your social media strategy and etiquette? Can you craft content that will resonate with your audience? One of the biggest challenges of being a small business is finding the time to do social media properly. It is constantly changing, and what's trendy today could be a lost cause tomorrow—just ask anyone on Twitter the last time they saw a Follow Friday (#FF) happening!
Even the most seasoned social media pros know that in order to stay relevant, they have to keep learning. The two giants, Facebook and Twitter, change their rules up all the time. Other social sites, such as Pinterest, even have certain unwritten rules that many users and brands abide by. If you're not on top of how to go about things, your content could be falling flat! With that being said, here are some surprising social media facts that beginners and experts alike can learn from, along with an infographic from Mainstreethost.

10 social media facts you may or may not know:

1. Your biggest advocates (for engagement, retweets, and such) often have the fewest followers!
2. Twitter has multiple networks for communication. For more, check out this study by the Pew Research Center.
3. Original written content will get you the most attention compared to other media on Twitter.
4. Customers generally expect you to reply to their tweets within an hour, especially if they can see that you tweet consistently.
5. Retweets are more likely to happen in the evening when people are off work.
6. Fridays on Facebook is where engagement is best...for now!
7. Photos get shared the most on Facebook. Keep that in mind when building a content calendar.
8. Of the social networks you can be on, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest drive the most traffic.
9. The more engagement a post gets on Facebook, the more people it will reach. Aim to make your content as shareable and likeable as possible.
10. People share certain things for each day of the week on Pinterest.
Social media facts you should know Seafoam Media

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