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The Seafoam Team Celebrates Seafoam Day Q1 2019

team playing video games

Every quarter, the Seafoam team takes a bit of time to pause and reflect on our company's progress, as well as plot a course for the next three months of growth ahead. We also use this time as a way to celebrate our team by participating in activities that bring our Seafoamers closer together.

We call these hybrid events Seafoam Days. Here’s what we did to end the first quarter of 2019.

Seafoam Day Q1 2019 1Investing in our brand’s most vital asset.

Every brand’s greatest asset is its team. Whether you’re talking about the physical face of your company in your sales group, the hands designing every marketing strategy in your creative pod, or the brains keeping tabs on all of it with your analytics gurus, each person fuels vital components of your brand. Without these individuals, everything from company morale to your overall success can be greatly impacted.

At Seafoam, we’re always looking for new ways to invest in our team’s happiness and development. Seafoam Day, in itself, is one of the many realizations of that mission.

Seafoam Day Q1 2019 2Having a little fun with our team.

A little over a year ago, Seafoam invested in arguably one of our most important pieces of hardware to date: a Nintendo Switch. Not only does this little gadget provide hours of entertainment when teammates’ children have a day off of school and need a place to hang out while Mom gets stuff done, it is also the pinnacle of our very first Seafoam Mario Kart Tournament.

This quarter, Seafoamers were paired up in a Mario Kart Tournament bracket, where they faced off to see who reigned supreme on the virtual track. There were plenty of upsets, like when novice gamer, Nikki Bisel (Owner and Founder), overtook gaming veteran, Courtney Egner (Client Success Manager) by one point to advance ahead. By the final round, only three drivers remained: novice Nikki, lucid Liz Oeltjen (Client Success Manager), and mighty Matt Lodge (Digital Marketing Specialist).

Ultimately, only the best driver could walk away with the official Seafoam Mario Kart Tournament trophy and the Mario cap: we salute you, Matt, for your impressive skills both on and off the track. Congratulations!

Seafoam Day Q1 2019 3How do you reward your team?

The Seafoam team is many things: devoted, passionate, relentless, and completely invested in the work we do. The effort we put into every project we touch is evidenced by the results garnered for our family of marketing partners. Our team is how we do what we do.

How does your brand keep its goals perfectly aligned with its mission to customers throughout the year? Share your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

team playing video games
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