What’s Your Seashore? | Part Three | Nikki Exercises in the Great Outdoors

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I think my seashore is exercising outside — specifically running and biking. I get kind of two different things from each of them:

For biking, I get a real sense of freedom. I can go out, and I can ride 40 miles, and I can travel to all different places around the city just being on a bike. There’s that feeling of going down a hill, and you’re going 25-30 miles an hour, and there’s a part of you that’s going, “Oh, this is a really stupid thing to do,” and then there’s another part of you that just feels this overwhelming sense of freedom when you’re out doing that. Being able to use your own energy to travel that far in the city is just – I don’t know – it’s a cool feeling that I get every single time I ride my bike.

On the running side, I get a lot of clarity and serenity from that. You know, the first 10-15 minutes of a good run, I’m kind of sitting there going, “Oh, my knees hurt. My legs hurt. I wish this were over. Why did I wake up this early?” But as you kind of get into the flow of it, something just kind of happens where your body’s all moving in one; there’s nothing there to stop you. I don’t know — I just develop sort of a really nice flow that’s – not to sound too cheesy, but – sort of a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual serenity working through that.

Both running and biking for me, I can do inside when I need to. During the winter, I’ve got a trainer in my basement for biking. But really, so much of that freedom and clarity and serenity come from being outside. I think I spend so much of my day in front of a computer or indoors, whether it’s at work or at home, that having an hour or two hours when I’m running or biking outside, being able to almost sort of get distracted with the clouds in the sky or the trees that I’m running through, feeling the sunshine kind of beat down, even on a really hot day, being connected to nature for at least a little bit of my day is so beneficial, I think. It really kind of puts things into perspective and allows me the opportunity to rest my brain for a little bit and just be a part of the rest of the world and be a part of nature for awhile.

One of my favorites parts of every day, after I go for a run or after I bike, I’ve got about 20-30 minutes afterwards where I just feel like I’m on top of the world. Everything feels very calm; I feel like I have the right type of energy to work through different problems, come up with different solutions. There’s just a very clear state of mind that I get after those, and it’s nice to get that from something that’s also pretty healthy.

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