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Beyond the Blog, by Holly Wentworth

July 25, 2018 | Nikki Bisel

A smiling young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a purple t-shirt, stands in a room with teal and white decor as a Brand Engagement Specialist.

Profile photo of Holly WentworthContent creation comes in many different flavors.

The tried and true methods that all brands should have in their back pockets are blog articles and social media posts. If your business isn’t currently doing both of these, you are missing out on showcasing your industry knowledge and engaging your fans.

But like everything else in the world, content marketing has evolved beyond these mediums. Now, brands also need to be able to produce videos, design custom graphics, and have a continuous pulse on their audiences’ online needs.

Enter Seafoam’s new Brand Engagement Specialist, Holly Wentworth. To see how she leverages the power of content creation to engage with our clients’ customers, we sat down for a quick chat. Here’s what she had to say...

Q&A with Holly Wentworth

What is your role at Seafoam Media?

I am the Brand Engagement Specialist here at Seafoam Media. My role basically revolves around content creation. I take photos, film videos, design graphics and write catchy captions for our clients.

Why is your role important to Seafoam’s structure, as well as the marketing industry as a whole?

I come from a video production background, so for Seafoam, I think it’s good that we’re investing in a new dimension of building marketing strategies. For marketing in general, I think that video and multimedia is becoming so big that the older forms of marketing aren’t enough anymore; if you don’t have videos that showcase your company, you’re missing out on potential customers.

What do you do to personally ensure that Seafoam’s clients’ needs are being met?

I like to immerse myself in each brand I work with, down to even the smallest details: their brand colors, fonts, and things like that. More importantly, I try to think from their customers’ perspectives — how these small details catch their attention and help them engage with our clients. Finally, it’s important that we don’t just post random content; our efforts should answer any questions or concerns our clients’ audiences may have about the products or services they’re looking for.

In what ways would you like your role to evolve while you work at Seafoam?

I would really like Seafoam to be able to build a video marketing team. That’s my goal. I’ve always wanted to be a producer. So, one day – if and when we have a dedicated video marketing team – I could manage our editors and videographers. I would like to schedule out the types of content we need for our clients, along with a budget and the types of equipment we need for each project. That would be my dream!

Are there any unique qualities about your role as it pertains to Seafoam's marketing strategy that you'd like to share?

At Seafoam, we strive to be more proactive about our work instead of reactive. We like to try to stay ahead of the curve of our clients’ needs and how they pertain to the latest developments in the marketing industry.

Are there any lessons you learned so far that will make you better at your job as time goes on?

Yes! So, I didn’t really come from a marketing background at all; it was very video, media, graphic design, and photography-based, which I now know blends very well into the content marketing side of our industry. I’ve learned a lot in my month and a half here — even more than I did throughout my education. I know so much more now than I knew before.

A smiling young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a purple t-shirt, stands in a room with teal and white decor as a Brand Engagement Specialist.
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