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Start 2016 With a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

January 11, 2016 | Nikki Bisel

start off 2016 with a social media strategy for your businessIt’s a new year, and everyone is talking about resolutions. Health resolutions are the obvious ones, but with this cold weather…leaving the couch and warm blankets to trek out to the gym is one daunting commitment. Let’s talk about something other than health goals for once. While health goals are important, and you should be trekking outside once and a while, let’s focus on professional goals. What is something for your business that you want to achieve this year that you’ve put on the back burner for far too long?
While there are endless business goals you can make, we have one that we feel strongly about. If you don’t have a social media strategy for your business, we recommend you start one this year, and soon!

How to start a social media strategy:

It’s fundamental for brands to be present on social media, but in order to be successful, they must be strategic. Here are some key factors to consider when creating a social media strategy.

  • What is the channel objective? 

 Every social media platform has a specific purpose. Audiences interact differently with each channel, which is why’s it’s imperative to understand the type of content that is appropriate for each one. While Instagram allows for a more casual and lifestyle purpose, Facebook is better for long-form content and links back to your company. The way you handle each channel can make or break how well your brand is seen.

  • Where is your audience?

Which channels does your audience use? Are different demographics on different channels? It is imperative to know who is on what channel in order to understand how to reach and engage with them. For example, different people use Instagram for a different purpose than those who use Twitter. While some people are across multiple channels, they still use those channels for different reasons.

  • What to share and when:

Social media is social…so what are you being social about? Identify topics your audience is interested in and cares about including holidays, hobbies, music, trends, etc. All these interests can be used as leverage for engaging content. You can use your first few months on social to experiment, and the measure and adjust your strategy according to the results. Developing the initial social media strategy will not only give you a starting place, but it will also help your brand content tell a story that engages and keeps your audience coming back.
These three suggestions are just the start to your game plan this year. Use them as a starting place and develop as you learn.
Do you have tips or questions on starting a social media strategy? Share your thoughts with us on twitter.

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