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Seafoam Media Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

nikki wearing a seafoam sweatshirt

We've got to celebrate. Because from the Great Recession to … whatever this era is, we've put our hearts and souls into creating a successful company – a digital marketing company that's risen above the noise and lasted for 10 years! We had the courage of our convictions a decade ago, and we see a bright future ahead. 

As Nikki put it on our 8th anniversary: "With every year that we've been in business, we've had so much growth – not just in terms of revenue or number of employees, but in our processes, how we do things, how we take care of our clients, and the quality of our work." 

Let's celebrate with a few of our milestones! 

Milestones of the Past 10 Years 

  • Growing from one person's startup idea, to an office of 3, to an office of 12! 
  • Moving into our current space on Sutton Blvd. 
  • Evolving from a website + SEO shop to a digital marketing agency to a consultancy + agency.
  • Becoming closer as a team and celebrating with some truly awesome Seafoam Days, including an Escape Room challenge and a trip to TopGolf.
  • Winning several awards for our SEO skills, our quality customer service, and more from organizations such as UpCity and Small Business Monthly, among others. 
  • Participating in numerous Maplewood Festivals and creating truly stunning pieces for Let Them Eat Art! 
  • Helping over 250 companies across the globe. And we're only getting started! 

What We've Learned About Seafoam Team Members

Nikki tells the most cringe-worthy "dad jokes." We threaten to call her wife when she cracks a particularly egregious one. 

Oh, she also runs the place with a clear-eyed look to the future and supports each of her team members with the professional development they need and loads of encouragement. 

Liz not only holds our team together, she also holds an incredible amount of industry knowledge and customer details in her head. Currently, she's sharing that knowledge with our two new marketing strategists, Matt and Holly W! 

Matt started as a digital marketing analyst with Seafoam but takes on additional roles whenever he's needed. His leadership traits and sharp insights about marketing make him a real asset to our team. Holly W is a social media phenom who is as ambitious as she is charming. Watch out for her devious sense of humor. 

Brian, our humblest capital-e-Expert, is also transferring his vast encyclopedia of SEO history to our digital marketing analyst, Rachel, as he spends more time perfecting our proprietary software to make processes run more smoothly for the Seafoam team. Rachel brings a wealth of talent, personality, and new ideas to our team in her role. She's already making waves!

Courtney is never idle, not even during a nationwide lockdown. She continues to bring in new clients with the same enthusiasm that she displays toward her favorite band, her favorite show, her new kitten, her upcoming wedding … everything, really. 

Jade, our tireless client success manager, has just celebrated her first year with Seafoam and we can't imagine the place without her. Her energy makes us all great. 

Rebecca, our brilliant web designer, does everything from the mundane to the innovative with an artistic vision that is astonishing. 

Our two newest team members were brave enough to come onboard during our remote work period! Kevin brings his photography skills and social media experience to our brand ambassador role, and Brett joins Jade in making sure our clients have the best experience possible! 

The writer of this piece (and most everything else), Holly S, just keeps on writing! I wouldn't go so far to say she's the backbone of Seafoam, but … 

Our entire team looks forward to the next few years when we hope to add more people and multiple marketing "pods!" 

Lessons to Remember as We Enter our 2nd Decade

We've learned more and more as our team and our client list have grown. We understand that there's no magic wand or secret formula when it comes to digital marketing. It's all about acting and adjusting. As Nikki has noted, "it's about good people and diligent, hard, honest work, and finding the right people for the right positions in this particular culture." 

As we've moved toward our goals, one milestone at a time, we've made plenty of our own adjustments. We've also dared to imagine a bigger, brighter future for ourselves that we're determined to reach. 

Ultimately, we're on track to be the most well reputed marketing consultancy and agency in St. Louis. We hope you'll come with us on the next stretch of our journey. 

nikki wearing a seafoam sweatshirt
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