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4 Ways to Improve WordPress Security

December 1, 2015 | Nikki Bisel

A solid website design, user experience, and content are key elements to a successful website overall. But, even with the perfect look and engaging material, WordPress security is actually the most important things a website owner needs to be concerned with.

4 things you can do to improve your WordPress security:

  1. website securityUse secure hosting:

Not all web hosting providers are created equal and, in fact, hosting susceptibilities account for a huge percentage of sites being hacked. Never just go for the cheapest web hosting provider and the first one you find. Make sure you choose a well-established company with a great track record for security. We recommend WP Engine. It’s worth paying a little more to have that peace of mind your site won’t get hacked.

  1. Backup your site:

Never procrastinate making backups on your site. Even with top-notch security efforts, you should always expect the unexpected. If your site is attacked, you will be much more at ease if you backed up all your content and you can easily restore your site immediately. If you choose not to backup your site, you can instead use a plugin such as WordPress Backup to Dropbox and schedule regular automatic backups. 

  1. Always update:

Every new release of WordPress contains updates that address real or impending liabilities. You leave yourself open to vulnerabilities when you don’t update your site with the latest WordPress fix. Hackers tend to go after sites with the older versions of WordPress. Always keep an eye out for new updates and don’t ignore  messages informing you to update right away. This also applies to themes and plugins. Keeping WordPress core, plugin, theme files, and software completely updated is so vital to your site's safety. Remember that out of date software is the #1 reason sites are hacked.

  1. Security plugins:

There are numerous plugins you can use to improve your site’s security. Some plugins even help clean up your site in case of an attack. Explore WordPress plugins and see which ones will fit your site’s needs.
Keep your site safe from hackers with these 4 easy tips. We ensure even if your site does not get hacked you’ll be happy you went through these steps for better security.

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