Your Mobile Website is Not Just an Afterthought

By Seafoam Media
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MobileHave you recently looked at your business’ mobile website? If you have not given it much thought over the past couple of years, you could be making a major marketing mistake.
According to WebDAM Solutions, there are approximately 1.4 billion people who own smartphones and they perform about 25 percent of online searches. With the increasing prominence of smartphones in everyday life, the affordability of high-quality devices like the iPhone 5c and Motorola RAZR V, WiFi available virtually everywhere, and relatively inexpensive data plans, these numbers are set to grow exponentially in the next few years. If you think that your business does not need a site dedicated to the needs of mobile users, you are going to alienate a large portion of your potential clients and customers.
The same study from WebDAM Solutions shows that 57 percent of smartphone users will not recommend a business that has a shoddy or unresponsive mobile site. Not only can a bad mobile site detract those who visit it, it can detract other potential customers from even thinking about doing business with you.
If your run a retail business and have a lurking suspicion that people are just using your store as a place to hang out, you are probably right. Mobile ecommerce is a big deal and it is taking over big box retailers and small mom and pop shops. A recent study by ComScore found that 86 million Americans now use their smartphones for shopping purposes. Meanwhile, Internet Retailer states that 78 percent of businesses plan to invest in their mobile presence.  If you do not take advantage of some sort of mobile ecommerce platform or sales strategy, you will start to lose customers to businesses who realize the importance of having them.
Your best course of action for dumping your old mobile site and upgrading to a new, mobile-friendly site is to consult a professional team of designers and developers. Mobile users do not want a bunch of bells and whistles when they access a site. What they really crave is simplicity, ease of navigation, GPS trackers that show them relevant information based on their location, and intuitive social media connectivity options that allow them to sign up for newsletters, receive quick updates, and complete a checkout at the touch of a button. For repeat customers, designing an app is also an effective strategy that allows for even easier access to your business’ website. Whatever course of action you take to increase your business’ mobile presence, make sure to do it quickly and professionally because the use of smartphones is not just a passing fad.

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