Why the Startup is Vulnerable by Nature

In Business

Any business owner will tell you that it’s a major feat when you survive Year 1, then Year 3, then Year 5.

In fact, the Better Business Bureau won’t even think about giving you anything higher than an A- until you’ve been in business for around five years.

Years in business is important. It communicates a company’s strength, vitality, and purpose.

So what happens when the kind of business you are highlights your company’s youth right from the start?


Some people love the word, others hate it.

When you’re a startup, your first hurdle to overcome is the inherent vulnerability of having your company’s age be the very first thing people know about it.

There’s no doubt that your “Years in Business” number is going to be important to a lot of people.

It’s that same vulnerability, however, that drives the passion often involved in working in a startup. The novelty, excitement, and innovation that exist in a startup are usually far stronger than those of their counterparts who’ve been around for a couple decades.

Youth brings nonchalance, fewer responsibilities (like hundreds of employees or thousands of shareholders), and more energy.

That same vulnerability that comes by simply calling a company a startup is also what drives its greatest strengths. Just make sure your emphasizing the side of the coin you’re wanting to promote!