The Company

FIX St. Louis is the professional alternative to hiring “Chuck in a Truck” or “Pete in a Pick Up” if you know what we mean! Their technicians have at least 10 years of experience, are bonded, insured, and show-up at firm, scheduled times. They provide full customer service and guarantee their work for a year.

The Challenge

FIX St. Louis, though founded in 2010, changed it’s name in early 2015. Because of this, we were starting with a blank slate in terms of brand awareness. FIX needed to become well-known in the “handyman” market again without sacrificing high levels of quality lead generation.

The Solution

Seafoam has been running a full-spectrum marketing plan for FIX St. Louis. To generate brand awareness, we’ve kept a consistently engaged audience on social networks through both organic and promoted posts. To generate traffic to the website, we’ve been splitting our resources between paid ads (AdWords, PPC) and organic work (SEO).

Case Studies on Technical SEO

The Results

  • FIX has seen a 97% increase in the amount of traffic to their website.

  • They’re direct sales from online marketing and advertising are up across the board.

  • FIX’s social media accounts are generating new revenue through them from authentic engagement with new customers.

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