The Company

Chris Cakes St. Louis is the butter and batter of all things delicious throughout the metropolitan area of St. Louis City. Their main service is catering, and with it comes a full stomach and a good time. You probably know them from their pancake-flipping antics and awesome YouTube videos!

The Challenge

The catering market in St. Louis is tough industry to compete in online. Long-established and well-trusted companies dominate organic search and have on and offline city-wide name recognition. Though Chris Cakes has achieved a phenomenal reputation in the area, we still needed to increase their presence and “find-ability” online so that they could generate more new customers online.

The Solution

Seafoam decided to implement a holistic strategy for Chris Cakes. We’ve been using SEO, Google AdWords, and Social Media Marketing and Advertising. A holistic strategy was perfect for them because it allows us to generate brand awareness as well as drive conversions (so we’re planning for the future while still seeing results today).

Case Studies on Sales Funnels

The Results

  • Traffic from organic search has increased by 16% from the same period the previous year.

  • Referral traffic and traffic from search engines has increased by more than 150% from the same period the year before.

  • Average total reach (how many people are seeing Chris Cakes’ posts) on Facebook has grown by about 16% every quarter.

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