Why Adobe Flash is Shooing Your Users Away

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Adobe Flash is cool.  It moves, it’s interactive, it’s colorful.  Flash is as close as you get to interacting with a movie.

That’s why Flash is great for movie, art, music, and gaming websites.

If your business does not fall into one of those four categories, however, you shouldn’t be using Flash.  Why?

  1. Flash is extremely slow to load – it will weigh your web page down enormously.
  2. Only 75% of Internet users have Flash installed (and some people uninstall it just so they don’t have to deal with Flash at all!) – that’s 25% of your customer or client base that you’re alienating.
  3. Flash doesn’t expand and contract with screen sizes.  In other words, what looks great and fits perfectly on one person’s screen might look terrible on another’s.
  4. Search engines have an extremely difficult time ‘crawling’ websites built in Flash.  Because there is little to no text actually embedded into the page itself, there’s nothing for Google to find.  If you’re worried about SEO (search engine optimization), Flash is one of the biggest villains when it comes to sinking your site’s ranking.
  5. Flash makes navigation a hassle for the user.  Because most Flash websites use navigation that’s built into the Flash itself, when a user presses the browser’s Back button, they’ll be taken not to the last screen they were shown (within the Flash) but to the last page they were shown (which is usually the page they were at previous to coming to your Flash website).
  6. Flash takes away from the content.  A good website is built upon solid content, not animations and sound effects.
  7. Flash is 100% proprietary – there’s something to be said for those companies that remain true to open standards.  Adobe has not.
  8. Flash requires huge amounts of bandwidth.  That means you’ll either be paying your web host a lot more money or your users will suffer from even slower speeds than they already were from Flash.
  9. Flash ignores the fact that many people go to a website not to hear background music or see ‘flashy’ (no pun intended) animations, but to look up a piece of information about a business or special interest.
  10. Many mobile devices do not support Flash (including the iPhone).  If your company’s business hours are in Flash, don’t count on your mobile users coming in whether you’re open or not.