What Percentage of Internet Users are Mobile Shoppers?

In Internet Marketing

If you’ve been putting off converting your site for mobile use or developing an app for mobile users, some new statistics featured on Statista might sway your opinion. According to the report, 8% of Internet users in the United States purchase items with their mobile device. The numbers are even higher in China (18%), India (15%) and Great Britain (10%).

What does this mean for you? Simply, if you’re ignoring mobile users or if you’re not at least offering a mobile experience, you’re missing out on a large portion of the market. The percentages prove that at least a decent portion of potential customers enjoy shopping with their phone and have made purchases through their device. Other studies have shown that mobile users are more likely to make a purchase through a site designed for mobile and are turned away and put off by an experience not designed for their handheld device.

You’re missing out if you’re passing on mobile. We can assist you in either designing a mobile version of your site or in creating an app for any mobile device. The trend of making purchases through mobile devices is growing. Will your company grow with it?